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Question: Who Is Chester French?
Answer: Two dudes who love music and have been making some of it together since their freshman year of college. They met in the dining hall at Harvard and after playing shows around campus they then became involved with an on-campus recording studio. After learning how to produce their demo caught the attention of Kanye West's manager, Don.C

"Don gave our demo to Kanye , who flew us out to L.A. and offered us the opportunity of a lifetime: a chance to continue Chester French full-time after graduation. That same week, some of our other favorite artists heard the demo, including Pharrell, Ryan Leslie, Pete Wentz, and Jermaine Dupri. Each of them seconded Kanye’s enthusiasm for the project, but after meeting with Jimmy Iovine we ultimately decided to partner with Pharrell’s label, Star Trak, and Interscope Records to release the album.

We graduated from college on June 1, 2007, and after doing some more work on our album in Boston and Milwaukee (where Max and D.A. are from, respectively) we moved out to L.A. with our college buddy/super producer MG aka MGenius aka Mathias Gordon. We met lots of great people in L.A. like Scott Vener, Talib Kweli, Travis Barker, Clinton Sparks, and Asher Roth. But we also spent a lot of the time away from home, touring with Pharrell’s band, N.E.R.D and Common , among others. "

These guys are amazing, they're now preparing to release their album.

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