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Photos: The type of sport coats one should have

Lately I've noticed that there are a large population of men wearing sport coats with designs on the back. I find this trend misleading on proper attire for dress and casual presentation. A gentlemen should never under any circumstance were such a thing. It fades your presence allowing people to notice your garments before your person. In some cases this is a great attribute to have, but this is not one of them.

A Few Tips on Sport Coats:

1. Select patters and textures that compliment personality and taste.

2. Stay away from exotic cuts and designs, makes it hard to pair.

3. Keep it classic but chic, it's ok to add character to clothing thats how personal style is created.

4. The FIT should compliment your physic and build, do not look like a boy playing in your daddy's garments.

5. Learn the rules before you try to create them. I know what I know for a reason.