Limos Were Cool, Right Showbiz?

Sighting: 90's limo found on the streets of Atlanta, Ga

When I saw this limo the other day it automatically brought me to my childhood, all I can remember is how I use to give so much to my parents. Every birthday I wanted a limousine to pick up my friends and I from school, and I never wanted parties on the weekends, I would tell my mom "everybody has their party on Saturday or Sunday, I want mine on like a Friday".

I was always the "show off" kinna type and I would stress to her that I wanted the limo to come at the perfect time, you know when the other kids parents were coming to pick them up. I was in elementary school so we got out at 3:00pm, and on Fridays we had snowcone day, I always opted for the pickle and popcorn joint because it was just tacky to attack that ice in public-plus I was scared for that color syrup to get on my clothes. My family members use to call me Showbiz because I was always at Showbiz Pizza, which is now Chucky Cheese. I would have the biggest table in front of the stage where they had the band of mechanical animals performing. Back to school on Monday, all the kids would be talking during a game of four square, "you the one who was in that limo huh", smile. See I was always good at branding, I think it's because I was an only child, I had nothing to do but to plan out how I wanted to be perceived.