Meet Glenn.

Photo: Glenn O'Brien in March 2009 issue of GQ Magazine

Glenn O' Brien is primarily a writer of non-fiction articles, largely on the subjects of music and fashion. He's featured as "The Style Guy" at GQ magazine, and has published a book with that title.He has worked as an editor at a number of publications, and currently co-edits the arts and literature magazine Bald Ego. He was a music critic for the Andy Warhol publication Interview.In 1981, he released a film which he wrote and produced, called "Downtown 81" (also known as "The New York Beat Movie"), which stars Jean Michel Basquiat playing himself. In January 2008 he was named to replace Ingrid Sischy as editorial director of Brant Publications, which includes Interview Magazine as well as Art in America and Antiques. On February 17, 2009, Glenn was named one of Top 10 Most Stylish Men in America by GQ Magazine. Bio source