Need New Occupation.

Photo: BMW Art Car 1979: M1 by Andy Warhol

Is it just me but when you know you're about to fail a test you always write your name and the header as neat as possible, erasing the previous until perfect--buying time and thinking that if it's neat the teacher will somehow have mercy on you. That's when it's time to drop a class.

I was in class last week listening to the professor lecture me about history...BLANK STARE, Im suppose to be taking notes but instead Im writing down how I really feel on my college rule notebook paper. I don't think this college thing is for me. Yes some people get off by learning and theres nothing wrong with that. Awesome, awesome, awesome. But it's not my book.

Entry: Febuary 4th, 2009 8:23am
Am I missing something? So Im sitting in class after two of my teachers were replaced, and Im looking at the professor like what? As he tries to make jokes he has failed to tickle my fancy. Some of the classmates laugh, but then I glance over at them and think...wack. Im in school learning facts about the pre world. But am I ignorant if I don't find myself interested in any of the classes offered in school. Im forced to read books that I would never pick up outside of class. Yeah the books are great. Reading is great, you learn so many new things. Great. But this learning curriculum is strictly for the scholars of the world.

If Im not a business major then my degree holds little to no weight. I'll have to march right off that graduation state into somebodies "Career Fair". What school do the ADVANCED PLACEMENT go to? The boys like to chant I want a 3.5 this semester, yeah well I want a 350 Sport Sedan Benz, with factory rims. I think that some of us are under the impression that a college degree gives you some type of "access granted" pass when it's simply just a degree. Either you get it for family reasons ( my momma always wanted me to go to college, Im the only one in the family who went ) or you might luck up and get a job with it--depending on what kind you have, but too each it's own. I've come to the conclusion that a degree is just that-a degree. Nothing more, nothing less, no need to hype it to be something that it's not. That's our own fault. It's not meant for real world use-in most cases. It's just something to show, "hey I did something most couldn't do, I read alot of books and know alot of things about nothing".