No Volume.

Photos: Various fashion pics of Socialite Olivia Palermo from "The City"

I'll admit that Im not the one to watch any type of reality show, wait I just lied. Ok Im so addicted to the The City. When the show first aired it took me a few episode to really get in, Whitney was not one of my favorites and the other cast members gave me nothing until I came across this girl. I consider her to be my sister. She's cruel intentions 08/09. Her style is chic. Her dialogue is witty. I watch The City with no volume, I tune in just to see what Olivia Palermo is wearing during each episode. Now don't model your life after her, know that what you see on T.V. is.....but you can't take away her good style. That gorgeous Tribeca apartment she resides in is an estimated $4,150 a month, wow. Sham and I are looking for an apartment but Im guessing we wont be on Leonard Street. But word is she doesn't have a job, surprise but she still has a year of media studies to go at the New School, and has her sights set on acting. But whatever she ends up doing, just continue to give me style.

“I don’t have to work—my parents have always supported me in everything I’ve wanted to do—I want to be an actress and a brand, and then I want to do some producing.”
She tells Page Six Magazine.