Ryan Leslie.

Album: Ryan Leslie
Release Date: Tuesday February 10th

I've been a Ryan Leslie supporter since Cassie's Me & U days and I got the chance to work with RL at a photoshoot with GIANT Magazine this past summer. It was funny cause he brought his own album to play during the shoot, and he was dancing around as he tried on expensive suits. Man, the good old days, well today he's finally dropped his self titled album. I'll say that some of the songs I already had from free downloads months ago but it's a solid effort with a few new tracks which are listed below. You know you can always scurry on down to iTunes and give a 30 second gander and if you like put a purchase on it.

Favorite tracks as of now:

1. Diamond Girl
2. Addiction
3. You're Fly
4. Quicksand ( favorite )
5. Valentine
7. How It Was Suppose To Be
12. Gibberish