Urban Legend.

Photo: Damon Peruzzi and Fonzworth Bentley-Damon's Legendary Ball, Sunday in Los Angeles

During our travels Sham and I have come across a colorful mix of people, when we spent last summer in New York we randomly meet this guy named Damon Peruzzi outside of a night club. It was funny because the whole night we kept saying" I've seen him somewhere before" but we just let it go and enjoyed our night. Around 3:30 am that morning I woke up and said" that's the guy from Kelis's Bossy video", the rest I'll accredit to chemistry because the next day he invited us to his Harlem apartment. A self-painted portrait hangs above his bed and his room is filled with racks and racks of flamboyant clothing, almost like a virtual showroom. He has the most clothes I've ever seen, even magazines pull from his personal closet. Almost every other night Sham and I was poppin bottles in Goldbar and Guest House with Nas & Kelis and Lionel Richie, but aside from having this fabulous persona, Damon is one of the nicest people I've come across. So when he invited us to his birthday bash this past weekend in LA we were so sad that we couldn't make it. The list included his good friend Kelis, Tracee Ellis Ross, Mr. Bentley and others.

He killed it with that bow tie, jacket, fur piece and those shades. Im patiently waiting for my return to the city.