Ladies It Ain't Easy Being Independent.

I always joke with my friends that it's so easy to be fashionable when you have alot of money, but sometimes you have to work with what you got. Women have it so much easier, so I thought. I got another email from reader Ameer.

"Dear Phif,

I know that you must read and received hundreds of e-mails a day, but i will not waste your time with this. I am on lateboots at least three times a day to check out your updates and your blog is splendid, Kudos. What I wanted to know is if you do any personal help with styling? The reason I ask is that I have a little problem, I currently work full time and I make decent money to keep me going, I am just thankful that I have a job, but on my spare time is that I love shopping. I sort of lean to one designer which is Ralph Lauren which I know is your area amongst many others, I tend to buy one selected item that will be very expensive and then I only find myself leaving the store with one essential item that i spent all this money for and don't really get around to wearing it because I want to by other items to go with the one that I just bought. I ask of you to help me in this area, teach me how to spend wise and still find nice pieces for an affordable price.Let me know what you think and if time permits can you get back to me...Well thanks for your time Marquis and let me know what you think."-Ameer

First you should never walk out of a store with a whole outfit from head to toe, you'll break the bank. Invest your money in staple pieces and then pair them with your vintage finds. My advice is vintage and thrift shopping. Some should be aware that there is a big difference between the two, from my studies lol I've found that vintage shops carry alot of labels, the prices are not always low but way cheaper than the stores. Thrift is like hand me downs I guess I should say. The secret is mixing the old with the expensive. I find females can dress way cheaper than boys but there is a science to it, and let's face it, some are good at it, others are not. Women have so many different shoe options, check the LV Spicy Sandal Collection, pair those with an outfit you found in a vintage or thrift shop, invest in a label bag and some sort of jacket or top and you're good.

( I so hope Ameer was a female, yall need to start including your sex in the email, all these butch queen names ).

Now I might've left a few things out, but for the most part I think I summed it up. And Im sure you have a few style tips and advice for Ameer, what are your thoughts?