Recognize A Real Woman.

Sighting: Brooke at the premiere of BET’s “Harlem Heights” premiere party at The Apollo Theatre last night.

So if you follow LeBoots you'll know that I been asking for a show like this and it finally came, I love BET's Harlem Heights. Im so glad they are showing young people on the go mode-who actually have jobs and careers. Think The City but Uptown. The women I adore, the fashions give me more ( it rhymed, let me have it ) and the gentlemen's hustle is something to follow. I sat glued to my dvr playing rewind with the remote, I pretty much love everything about the show and when Brooke tipped into that party she became my love.

What motivates you to get out of bed and be on your grind each day?
I see so many young(er) people making all the money nowadays, like big money, I’m not talking allowance. It used to be that you worked a lifetime to reach your peak of success, and that it was acceptable to be 20-something, 30-something still not having made it. Now, you have 17-year old producers, 20-something big business owners, 30-something moguls, who are millionaires! So to wake up in the morning at 27 years old, I feel like I’m on the older side of the equation, and I have to play catch up…

I digs it. I fu*ks wit her. For more on Brooke and the show, click here