Rich Negro Man.

Car: White Bentley Continental GT- $227,184

So Im watching Friday's Oprah and she has Tyler Perry on, which she calls him Rich Negro Man, and they have this sort of round table where they just talk about random things during the show. So a few years ago Tyler came to Oprah's house to do a pre-screening of his film "Why Did I Get Married", he arrives in his white Bentley GT. Infatuated with the car, Oprah's BFF Gayle King is telling her that she should get this car, but reluctant Oprah swears she doesn't need a new car. So months past and Oprah mentioned the car on one of her episodes with Tyler and a few weeks later, came Christmas time, he sent her a white Bentley Continental GT.

Now hear comes the shouting part, once Oprah got her new car Gayle was going crazy, she was calling Tyler to thank him for what he did for Oprah. Because of her excitement, he bought her one as well. So this negro bought his girl friends Oprah and Gayle a Bentley Continental GT.

Damn, is my definition of friendship different. As of now we just take turns and pay the bill at dinner. See I've always wanted friendships that wasn't built on or considered with gossip, but fly shit. I can't wait for these Money Moments.