School Of Hard Knocks.

Sighting: Douglas Hall at 2:30am, Morehouse College

I figure if you have to play the game, play it well. No need to complain about the rules, you knew what they were long before you tied your laces. It's mid term week and I had a change of heart towards my academics, I've put the fashion magazines down and picked up my sexy expensive school books-so many were still wrapped in plastic.

"Morehouse College was ranked #1 three times in a row (2002–2004) as the best school for African Americans for undergraduate study by Black Enterprise Magazine. The college was rated by The Wall Street Journal as #29 out of the top 50 "feeder schools" for elite graduate study in a 2004 study. According to a 2007 joint publication by Newsweek and Kaplan, Inc., Morehouse College is one of the "25 Hottest Schools in America" and the "hottest men's college".

I was hot before da house-imagine what Im gon do.