Stay Out My Box.

Item: Shortbread Cookie
Item: Carmel Delights
Item: Various Girl Scout Cookies

It started back in the day when all the little girls would sell their cookie dough for $3.00 a pop, my mom always bought a box when the girls would set up shop infront of the grocery store. They use to annoy me like the Salvation Army bells during christmas time. I was never a big person on sweets so I always turned the other cheek. But one day I opened that blue box labeled Shortbread, my goodness, I ate both columns. My mother would say " boy who said you could open up my cookies", of course my response was "just buy somemore, they was only $3.00". She later put me on to Carmel Delights, oh how delighted I was. The carmel and coconut, man I went nuts on the orders she would take from her best girlfriend on the job. Because of this I actually joined the Boy Scouts of America, I thought I would be selling something similar to cookies, but we just went on camping trips and wore ugly short sets. But it's that season again, will you be cookie'd up? I got boxes on deck.

History on Girl Scout Cookies: Girl Scout Cookies are a familiar part of American culture. For more than 80 years, Girl Scouts, with the enthusiastic support of their families, have helped ensure the success of local Girl Scout Cookie activities. From its earliest beginnings to its current popularity, the sale of cookies has helped Girl Scout Brownies, Girl Scout Juniors and Girl Scouts 11-17 have fun, develop valuable life skills, and make the world a better place by helping to support Girl Scouting in their communities. Girls are proud that their efforts provide resources for their local Girl Scout councils and for their own Girl Scout troops/groups. Source