We Leave Out On Tuesday.

Spring Break officially starts now, and packing for out of town trips can be a hassle. So I found this info and thought it would informative.

First a look at your closet:

organization begins with an honest evaluation of your wardrobe
you should have nothing in your closet that isn't currently wearable
lose anything that doesn't fit or is out of style
if you haven't worn it in a year, ask when you will wear it again
make sure everything in your closet goes with something else
place baskets for laundry, dry-cleaning, and alterations.

Separate by season:

store off-season in another area if short on space
separate by clothing purpose (formal, work, casual)
separate by type (jackets, blouses, pants, skirts, etc.)
separate by style (short-sleeve, long-sleeve)
hang clothes by color from light to dark
for quick and easy dressing, hang full outfits together

Storing your Clothes:

put in cedar chips to keep out insects
wire hangers make marks in the shoulders of your shirts
stick to padded or plastic tubular hangers
take your wire hangers to the dry cleaner to recycle
use double-hanging rods for shorter items
get rid of dry cleaner plastic covers as they clutter up your closet
store small loose items in drawer systems or plastic tubs
socks, lingerie, bathing suits, pantyhose, etc.
roll up pantyhose to prevent runs
hang scarves on a hanger or scarf rack
take shoes out of their original cardboard boxes
use a shoe rack to keep footwear in sight and organized
install shelves or bins for folding items

Because it can be overwhelming, it's always good to have a few looks in mind so you can still pack lighty. Create your own personal look book with the days ensembles previously put together. Remember to bring your staple pieces that can take you from day to night.