Bahamas Is Brooklyn On Water.

Photos: Shopping strip in Nassau Bahamas

It seems as if this fairy tale of paradise was rocked with reality, in a coconut shell, Bahamas is Brooklyn. As I was touring this place flashbacks of BK came to mind. Im talking about the deep part of BK, the part where there's the Fish Fry place and the Fashions store. But let's talk about having no order, the streets are "drive at your own will", no lines, no direction, just drive. I noticed that alot of the people are banjee rude, cursing and such. Hotness and sweat is the same look everybody gives and as I walked the block "no thanks" became a common phrase that I used, "ay boy you wana purse fa yo lady", as if I would purchase her a bag that Gucci never made, oh people, but I will say this, them folks are some hustlers.

None of the shops did anything for me, you know I kept passing up those "Bahamas t-shirts" and self made straw baskets, but then I saw heaven, the Gucci store. This shop, opposite Rawson Square, is the best place to buy leather goods in Nassau. The wide selection includes handbags, wallets, luggage, briefcases, scarves, evening wear for men and women, shoes, watches, and perfume, all by Gucci of Italy. Now please don't get caught up with those vendors outside!!, Gucci doesn't have an outside store! But I kept it real fresh, Atlantis all day!!

Gucci store in Nassau Bahamas
Saffrey Sq., Bay St., corner of Bank Lane