History Books: Skination

Photo: Model preps backstage at runway show

A lot of people put inferences on clothing and fashion in itself, but some down play the importance of great skin. Good skin is essential to completing a look, women always tell me that I have perfect or flawless skin ( and you know this...MAN ) but there are certain steps that I took to get my skin this clear. I personally hated bumps and breakouts ( especially from shaving ) so I use to go to the dermatologist once a month to keep my skin clear but that shit was very expensive. It worked. Although my trips to the doctor were years ago, it started a cycle of new skin and now I just use basic products for maintenance.

There is no big secret to having good skin, some are born with it and others pay for it. Over the counter products will not create miracles, the products below are for people with good to decent skin. Think of it as maintenance, and if you're not happy with your skin I highly recommend you see a dermatologist. A few prep tips for the woman and man.

Ladies, a fresh face can take you from daytime to nighttime. A little concealer under the eyes, some bronzer, mascara and lip-gloss is all you need!!! Heavy make up is never a good look, avoid it by taking care of your natural skin. Sometimes that certain glow can't be applied by products.

Men should have a razor bump-free face ( acne and pimples included ) and cleaned brows. Ain't nothing masculine or dope about having a unibrow. This also creates the illusion of a clearer and cleaner face.

The products that are key to a fresh face:
Cetaphil Face Wash, Clinque Exfoliating Scrub, Fashion Fair Deep Pore Astringent and Fashion Fair’s Daily Moisturizer SP15.

Disclaimer: If you have acne ( which is considered two or more pimples ) or you're just not satisfied with your skin, I suggest you go to the dermatologist.
They change lives.