Hold The Mirror.

So I was going through some emails today and it seems someone had a question about what they should do with a recent item that they purchased. It's summer time so linen shorts and shades is a must. After starting my I Am...Young Turbo Tour ( lol ) which kicked off in Miami, Houston, Bahamas and L.A. I know a little something about the heat. Since Im more of a layered person and being the poster boy for the Ralph Lauren brand I've made the decision to switch up my swagg during the hot summer months.

The Email: "I purchased some sandals from Israel and i'm not 100% how I should wear them. Any ideas on what looks go good with sandals?"

The Sandal:
The Options: Photos: The Sartorialist

Considering that I don't wear sandals I had my right hand research two options. The best thing to do with these sandals is to pair them with a linen pant or a slightly rolled up jean ( maybe two times of a darker wash and a very light shirt, light in material, not color). Whatever outfit you go with just remember the shoes should be the statement piece.