Ego Check >>> Young Turbo.

Collection: Tim Hamilton Fall 09

Last quarter my alter ego was Kennedy Alfonzoe Pfeiffer, he got me pretty far ( as far as interns go). He was like Carlton Banks on speed! Click here to re-cap my infamous picture with Evan Ross. Classic hair and regal style. Well I laid him to rest awhile ago, in addition to some friends ( ah-chu *bless you ). Because of my past trials I became more manish yet Christ like ( Im as grounded as beef ). The transformation branded this half black and european lookin wild child. Young Turbo is this Super Negro Hero; with powers that fight off the spirit of procrastination, fraudulent personalities and evil. Some prefer me post-Turbo, but the misses ( plural ) can't get enough of me pre-Turbo. Notice how quiet he became- you never know when a silencer goes off. Check me out look, Im just trynna get a Lexus so I can have write-ups on LexisNexis.

Tell me who the best and the next is....