My French Is Getting Better.

Photos: ME wearing a green Too Late watch

Ok so let me start name dropping, do you remember when Kanye blogged about these colorful lil watches? Aight aight well here's the link, pretty cool watch righttt, well I think so and the people at Too Late thinks Im cool too cause they sent me one of their signature watches. It's a dope lil addition to a semi casual, borderline boring ensemble. This international product comes in various colors that pop and serves as a lil bracelet joint aswell. It retails for under $30.00 so it's very affordable and trendy.

Details: Too Late was discovered at MoMA design store in New York and was marketed less then one year ago; the idea comes from Ale Fogazzi, 27 years old business Man from Brescia, near Milano, who is active in communication and entertainment. Thanks to the joint venture with La Griffe, brand leader in artisan costume jewelry Made in Italy, success was instant. 10,000 watches sold in the first 10 days of distribution. The new water proof edition was presented during Macef 2008, in Milano.

More then minimalistic, it's minimal and pop. Too Late is the state of the art of cheap design. Every month new shades are adapted to seasons, fashion collections and trends.

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