My Homie, Sid Mashburn.

Photos: Sid Mashburn and Co. chosen by GQ Magazine as part of "The 10 Most Stylish Men In America" featured in their March issue

Clip: How to Become a Well-Dressed Rebel in 30 Days Designer Sid Mashburn, owner of the stylish Atlanta men's store

I've known Mr. Masburn for about a year now ( respect your elders ) and I tried to keep my favorite shop a secret, but it seems the masses are getting into Sid, so I'll just admit it. This man's knowledge of fabrics, cuts and what the perfect blazer should look like is amazing, so if you decide to go spend some money with my man, let him know Marquis sent you. I might get a discount for customer referrals.

Sid Mashburn
1198 Howell Mill Road
Atlanta Ga, 30318