The New Michael Jordan.

Item: Air Yeezys

Yeah, so Kanye’s new Nike shoe the Air Yeezys hit stores this weekend and the joints SOLD OUT pretty much everywhere. People camped out for days and then came the deja vu moment. I remember when I use to camp out at Footlocker from 2am-7am when the Jordans aka J's came out. I was in middle school and was stuntin around lunch time, " yo he got on the new J's", that feeling was priceless and made my camping trip worth it. Now the white with black patten leather were my favorite, second runner up is the grey on grey patten leather. Back then most stores only carried around 30 pairs, one time I bought a size 7 when I wore a 9. Hey being fly hurts sometimes, and let's just say Ye is using that same formula Nike used with J; SUPPLY AND DEMAND, which is the perfect marketing stragiety. Learn kiddies. The kicks ran for about $215, and I know kats who were selling them for $700.00. I want a pair now.