And That's What Intuition Is.

Photos: Last day of packing Atlanta home, heading to New York ( above rare picture of ME when I was 5 )

I told myself that I would frame this picture when I get my office in New York--Im talkin Uncle Russell's square footage. I surround myself with legends hanging around the house--I hope to be as great if not greater, and plus that shit keeps me motivated. You should see my new Muhammed Ali piece, it's for the new address though. I must put my affair with Miss Atlanta on hold, it's time to marry Mrs. York--that bitch is hard work, she demands alot---IM A HUSTLA BABY ( give it to me ). And although I attend one of the best black male colleges in the country, Im still an active alumni of the School of Hard Knocks. Lets keep it real, you wanna see how far I go---most baby pictures capture you during childish moments, I been a business---baby. It's not a phase, it was the way I was raised.

"Being broke is childish and i'm quite grown."-Jay-Z

Now who's coming with me--no questions and oh he who does not feel me is not real to me, therefore he does not exist. So, poof... vamoose, son of a bitch. Dean S. Carter taught me that.