Photos: Graduation dinner for my brother Brandon Douglas, Pearl restaurant

Although I did not get a chance to speak at his dinner ( it might be hard to believe but Im often shy at times ) but this guy Brandon is an important figure in my life. Now at first I didn't like him, the first thing he ever said to me was " those slippers look great, who are they by?", I remember lying to him so he wouldn't go out and buy them. He might not remember this but I use to always rub it in his face, I would ask "hey did you ever find those slippers?" Yes our friendship started off as a competition, I knew certain people in the industry and Fonzworth Bentley was his "big brother". We would try and out dress eachother but then it all changed and went far beyond the garments.

I use to always think Brandon was so sensitive, whenever I did something that he didn't agree with he would call me out on it---"Marquis you was wrong for that", "why you looking at people with that mean face", "Phifer you gotta learn how to forgive people". I'll give him credit for being the first person to actually show me what real friendship and brotherhood was. I meet alot of people and could careless to start a friendship with, but this here is organic and Im so proud to watch my brother walk into the light. I keep a close circle and Im not the warmest person in the world, but he taught me how to be better. We're binded by Mother Morehouse, and I am my brothers keeper.