& I Love It.

Photo: Taz Arnold & Big O

On wearing tights:

"Cats don't travel! They got to go to like Japan and see…there's killers in this world with this style shit…muthafuckin’ ninjas that will slice your neck quick. You think you fresh rolling up with your little Gucci, and muthafuckas up there wearing dresses and shit with beards. But they not gay, they just wearing a kilt and their shit is fresh! They sitting there hanging out with fucking Karl Lagerfield. He’s worked with me, how the fuck are you gonna call him wack? Muthafuckas don't have their minds right. This is art, man. This shit ain't about fucking like “hip-hop rules” or no shit like that. This shit is Basquiat and Andy Warhol." -Taz Arnold