Studio 64.

Photo: Sham leaving party with bottle of Moët Chandon
New York

The Guest List

Ok so I can't contain it any's a lot of Stars in here ain't it!! But you shine show much they don't even seem famous--Sham & I ( ) will be doing an event on June 4th in New York New York with some partners. So Im calling all of my New Workers ( yes everyday hustlers ) to come out to The Blog Bash on 6/4 and chat it up with us. The venue is in Soho, liq sponsored, know all that exclusive $hit ( bravo it up ). No catch, you know it's all about us taste makers linking up to network so we can increase our networth. All I need is your email address so you can be sent the special invite. The email:

Thank you & you're welcome.

Disclaimer: just like sales, good things come to an end and the list will be cut off soon... NO MORE EMAILS...THE LIST IS CUT OFF.