I Gotta Get Up.

Photos: Me on the way to favorite corner store in Harlem, NY

Sometimes I feel like I'm working for nothing; trying to get something---but I can't get comfortable doing nothing. The simple things in life keep me focused and balanced. I'll admit, I've always wondered why couldn't I be born into real money. But then if I was, my hustle would be watered down; I wouldn't even be here actually. Im always on the hunt for the shit that I want. My driving force is the cars, clothes--I suppose. Have you ever been to Soho House? Well my boss just got his membership last week. I spoke to my dad today and he said "just keep doing what you're doing and you'll make it, that way you'll be making your own money and can takecare of me". Is my fierceness for success that noticeable?--so that's when I decided I would break with some Knott's Berry Farm Rasberry Shortbread cookies. It's not great people in the world, its normal people who made a great choice. I respectfully decline the invitation to join your hallucenation--Monday I will attack.

"We as attackers have the initiative. Visciously, ruthlessly, attack, attack, attack, and when in doubt, attack again."-Ronald Reagan