Sophia Didn't See It.

Photos: Sophia, Sham & I dine @ El Continental

I've always had this thing about mexican food--you can't mess up something so simple, ha! the joke was on me. Sophia, Sham and myself was in BK, we were starving and decided to dine at the first place was saw, El Continental. The place was decent, the menu was cheap but our waitress didn't speak english. *Pause--we're in New York correct. Interesting. So after spending 10 minutes in a crash course of spanish we ordered salsa, chips and chicken tacos. The salsa was running from us, it was like colored water and the chicken tacos were decent to Sham and I but Sophia didn't see it and demanded something else from the menu. Heres the moment where Sham and I leave our 5 dollars on the table as Sophia attempts to have dialogue with waitress.

The reaction: 1 middle finger up to El Continental

El Continental Restaurant
672 5th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 832-1327