Button Up My Astronaut Suit.

Photos: SoBe Lifewater Summer Fridays brought to you by Epiphany. The City was taken by hostage yet again--and if you can make your way onto that guest list then congrats, but that's something you have to figure out.

Buttons Worn By: Sophia, Cedric, Oscar, D.Brown, Hollywood, Briana & Dj Mos, ( reserve yours )

Aesthetic Pleasure Featuring (in order): Label Whore Twins, Cedric, Oscar, Coltrane Curtis, D.Brown, Yani, Hollywood, Scott ( Pegleg NYC ) Vashtie ( her blog ) Briana ( Harlem Heights )--my new BFF, Dj Mos, Fashion Editor Aixa Weekes & Dj Cassidy ( yes I have tattoos and yes I rocks with Cassidy in the booth, I left the crowd months ago ).

The Exit: provided by Mercedes Benz G Wagon
"I'm so proud of u! Pls write a small book on how 2 go from an outsider 2 an insider in 1 yr! The legend, twirk!"-Bevy Smith

Can you imagine hearing those words from a person who you're influenced by? First time I saw Bevy on the tv screen I was back in Houston living with my mother---I left the country my momma said don't come back home. Im' about to get my run on, hold the commas.