Hopped Up Out The Bed.

[Put My Grill Cheese On]
Photo: Grilled cheese sandwich, 7:30am

Im over the bagels and cream cheese, and I can't do Dunkin too much---you'll end up getting a dunk. So I brought back one of my childhood favorites, the simple Grilled Cheese. First you gotta put your skillet into it by creating a sea of butter for the perfect complexion. I usually make my grilled cheese with thick wheat bread--and not that cheap wheat. I pull me 4 slices of corner store cheddar cheese from the plastic wrap and layer her. I toast each side of bread prior to the marriage of the cheese ( I like a mean crunch ). Serve with vodka and orange juice.

The cost: under 30 cent a unit

And for tonight I'm adding turkey meat and pairing it with soup and a salad!! Done.