I'm Chillin At The Spot.

[Had My Posse's 4 Deep]
Photos: Me @ Hooters w/ the tokens ( can I be real? )

I'll go on record saying that I am a strong believer in eating meat; red meat, white meat--hell even dark meat if my funds are low. You can find me posted up in Hooters on 56th street atleast once a week. Some go for the chicks in orange shorts but I go for the chicken wangs in orange sauce--not wings, wangs. The look: an order of 10 hot wangs--dipped and double coated in sauce complimented by an order of fries with their seasoning salt dancing on key. Everything that I order is always good but can they reorder those outfits? I can't stand those tights, crunched down socks and gym teacher shoes. Someone needs a new look!!! But even then, by the time I leave I put on my Happy Face. And look it's my favorite James Dean shirt and vest---oh did you think that I don't repeat outfits just because I have a blog!! "Yall betta shut up!!"-Janelle Monae

Hooters Restaurant
211 W 56th St # 2
New York, NY 10019-4312