Big Cigars Cause I'm Carefree.

Photo: Luigi Martini Wearing Kiton

Luigi is known to combine a custom suit with a pair of tennis shoes. He is an advocate to breaking away from simplicity and acceptable men’s wear. Wearing sneakers with a suit has now become an ideal ensemble for many men. What we must pay attention to is the fit of the clothing which can make or break the outfit.

“I grew up between Santo Domingo, the United States, and Italy. I call my style ‘shock by shock.’ It’s one thing after another, and the only word you can come up with is Wow! In school, when I was little, I was supposed to wear my tie perfect every day. When I left school, I realized that I didn’t have to please anybody anymore. I started tying my tie with the narrow end longer, and everybody asked me if they could wear my style. That made me happy. I don’t believe that you have to get up every morning and look for a belt that matches your shoes. Life is short.”-Luigi Martini, General Manager, Kiton in N.Y.C.