I Can Feel All Eyes On Me.

Publication: Amber Rose featured in Complex Magazine

Amber on what's next for her...

“I have Kanye’s ‘Robocop’ video. I’m playing a robot through the whole video. Ninety-five percent of the video is just me,” Amber said. I have Complex mag, Elle magazine, Persona magazine — I have the cover to the back, the whole issue is dedicated to me,” she said of her upcoming publicity appearances. “I’m excited about that. … I definitely welcome it,” she added. “I appreciate all my fans. I definitely never expected it. I don’t wanna say I never wanted it. But … I just know a lot of girls, they go to modeling agencies every single day. That’s their life. A lot of stuff … just landed in my lap. I thank God for that; it’s really a blessing. I thank God for that — and Kanye, of course. Kanye definitely gave me the fast track to the top.” via source