Will Return Soon...

Photos: Dj Cassidy

I'd like to think that we've inspired and influenced a small percentage of our generation--according to the forwarded Blackberry email interruptions. We've grown up in almost 2 years and thousands have watched us via .com and when I personally selected indivuals to start a "fashion" blog I had no idea of how fast the tables would turn. I've lost alot of friends but I've won alot of bets. I've always been a man of casual luxury and for the past 2 years I've tried to stay humble--even when I didn't want to. I'm turning into a franchaise like a Houston Rocket and some even say I should write a small guide on How to go from an Outsider to an Insider in a Year but I feel as if I've already done that--please take a moment and scroll through our past ----post as we work on our future. You'll see us with some of your favorite influencers.

We've turned a peach into an apple and now we're in the kitchen working on our Birthday Cake. 25000990 is when we decided to go public and that same day 2 years later we will launch the 2nd invite of with a login membership; an invite only based site with tailored content for the second nation hustlers. Im' not accepting an award so I will keep this short--we would like to thank most if not all the "go getters" who worked with us since the internship began. We've been the source of all questions--how to plan the perfect party, obtaining flawless skin, favorite restaurant and club spots and even tips on how to be a lady. But to keep your mind at ease no we didn't break up, we're in it until the Last Call. Just think of it as if we're off getting work done and we have to have our recuperating time. When we're quiet that means something. We're not leaving, we'll make our second appearance soon.