We The New Huxtables.

Photos: SoBe Summer Fridays

The family renioun took place last Friday and I'd like to think that my siblings and I are the new Huxtables. I've always been infatuated with productive families; we came from a lil something and we're becoming a big something. You already know my sis Briana from Harlem Heights. Well she's off doing her own thing promoting her new line of bags. She's been killing the game behind closed doors for awhile now and she's ready to claim her hustle. The new B Marie Style website launches soon. You see father Emil , he's over at Essence and my mother Bevy Smith.

Yes, that's her--Bevy has played the “hostess with the mostest” to top music artists and producers including platinum artists, Chris Brown, T.I., Mya, Vanessa Carlton, Trey Songz, Ashanti, Ja Rule, Solange and Musiq Soulchild. Bevy has also hosted events for brands, Tanqueray, Hugo Boss, Housing Works, Veuve Clicquot, Latina Magazine and Ten Cane rum, to name a few. She's also a freelance writer, contributing to Paper Magazine, Interview and 21st Century Hustle. And mother created a business called "Dinner WIth Bevy". If only you could over hear our conversations, I swear she teaches me so much. And check out Vibe Magazines former Fashion Director Memsor Kamarake.

And yes we even have our Tyler Perry moments, "Family reunions are about uniting the family, bringing together the young and old. Young Black men, take your place. We need you. Your sons and daughters need you. Take your place. Now. Starting now. Starting now. Young black women, you are more than your thighs and your hips. You are beautiful, strong, powerful. I want more from you. Take your place..." -Cicely Tyson, Madea Goes To Jail

This is the only family reunion where you wear your resume as a family tee-shirt.