Carta: Wait, Let Me Fix My Hair

So back in 06' I won the Best Scissors Award at La' Jenkins Beauty School ( kidding). On a serious note: Ladies and Gents, keep your hair together. A lot of people tend to ask my advice on hair. For men, I say the importance is hair maintenance. I’d suggest a haircut or lineup at least once a week in order to keep a fresh look. Fellas, we have it easy.

Personally, I actually carry a pair of scissors in my man-bag to pull out whenever I see a string of hair sticking up.
(Some people are addicted to liquor and crack) Let me have this one.

In order for a girl to be “beat” (a well-kept girl that everyone is astounded by when she walks into a room), I suggest GOOD extensions. Ladiesdon't be afraid; extensions give you a totally different look or can at least give your hair more volume at any length. However the key once again is MAINTENANCE. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure your hair looks healthy and avoid over-greasing. We all want for you to have natural looking hair.

LADIES: THIS BOB THING IS GETTING LATE. Beyonce did it back in 03 with the "Me Myself and I" video and Rihanna pumped it under an umbrella all this summer. Everyone is getting one now and it's starting to become overkill. FELLAS: These 80's parts? I mean it was hot this spring of ‘07 but it is beginning to look a bit childish. You’re 29 with some parts in your head,

Remember people, we are our own billboards!!!

That's all.