LateBoots.com presents : The Boots

We are finally here. Months after sittin in Pearl Cafe' in the Castleberry District of Atlanta Ga, the brainchild has been concieved. Lateboots.com will not only bring you behind the scenes information from fashion and art across the world, but you will also be exposed to a new lifestyle. Lateboots.com is broken up into sections; but in the end all being cohesive with one another.

It wouldnt have been possible without the grind of the next six people that are about to be introduced. So "gird your loins", step into your Marc Jacobs, and check for your hermes briefcase (guys)... We're here!

The Staff

"“I’ve always tried to find a new elegance, it’s not easy because people want to be shocked. They want explosiveness, but that doesn’t last forever. It merely disappears and leave behind nothing but ashes” - Giorgio Armani

Houston native, Marquis Phifer has always lived by that empowering quote. Driven by his passion for fashion as well as editorial writing, Phifer began his journey as a young boy in Military School hiding under the sheets reading VOGUE when his fellow classmates were out for rugby. After finishing his years under militant surveillance, Phifer embarked on the avenue of interpreting, and flexing his already built muscle for the industry. The next chapter of his life opened up in Atlanta Georgia where he met and networked with local elites.

Once getting into the circle he stumbled upon an opportunity of a lifetime, starting not only his, but Atlanta’s first fashion blog. With the help of some fellow hardworking elites, his dream of writing, and expression has finally come to life. Through this blog he desires to fill your psyche with all the wonderful things that you do and don’t see in the wonderful world of fashion and art. Phifer leaves you with these potent words of wisdom of his own “If you’re not for me, then you’re against me. I will then ask God to work on me to forgive you”.

On Nov. 1, 1987 love was the egg. And that day it hatched a boy so unique, flashy & completely unlike anyone the world had to offer. His affair with fashion began at 8 in the morning when he denied his parents the right to style his image & opted to do his own. Soon British knights, Nylon Sweats & Voltron shirts turned into SB’s, Skinny Jeans & a fire tee. Fast-forward to 2007, a day-in-age un-like before. A time where his style, image and culture, faced ongoing criticism is finally being celebrated. Richy Ro$$ wont disappoint this fall, highlighting the best in street-retro fa$hion worn by Graffiti Artist to Hill Flippers, Misfits & Underdogs.

Fashion is self- expression. No matter if you think you take yourself to seriously to care much about the clothes you wear. When you wake up and make a decision of what you’re going to place on your back, that action in itself relates back to fashion. Self-consciously everyone is involved in fashion every day. Growing up very timidly in a small town in Georgia, I have allowed myself to vent through different apparel and accessories. My vivid colored sneakers and ever-changing hairstyles spoke volumes for a young southern girl. I wouldn't consider myself a tomboy but me and heels just aren't very fond of each other. However, just as fashion is a continuously changing industry, coming into my womanhood who knows what's to come.

My part in LateBOOTs.com will be to keep the reader anticipating every update. To cater to the more causal crowd, some may call it street wear. I’m also here to stand in the gap for those ladies out there, who like to throw sneakers in their fashion game. Having a passion for all aspects of the fashion industry, I want every reader to leave with a message of inspiration and innovation. I will be coming at you hard with what I believe to be top shelf as well as educating our readers about the fashion culture. Is draped in BBC, Dior Homme denims, strapped to the waist with leather Gucci, and laced up in Creative Recreation too much to ask for? Now that's street wear at it’s minimal. Readers of LateBOOTs.com help me take street wear to its highest

Although I have been an avid writer for many years now, I am still at a lost of words, when trying to describe what fashion means to me. Like all art forms, fashion allows people to express themselves just as an easel would do to an enthused painter. I have traveled the world and seen how different styles, different fashion icons, and different designers help shape that particular culture. I always wanted different ways to express myself, whether through art, theater, music, or the mixing and matching of my favorite ensembles. Growing up in Virginia, I was able to incorporate the very eccentric fashion in Washington D.C into my own. I feel that a women looks her best when she is feminine, a true delight to the world. Is there anything more beautiful that seeing a woman in a Rachel Roy summer dress and Chanel wedges?

My contribution to Lateboots.com will be simple: I plan to keep the reader up to date on what I consider to be the best of the best. I want every person who comes to the site to feel like they gained knowledge on fashion but still know that “individuality is key.” I want to take the female audience back to a time when femininity was ok and walking in heels was second to breathing. I want the readers to know Ansley Brown, and know that she is there for them, through all their fashion needs!

Born in Birmingham AL... iCON was always considered to be "eclectic". Being the third child out of four with a single parent, taught him not only to love unconditionally but to also be passionate in every aspect of life. Once realizing FASHION was "his" way of life at a young age, his journey to the runway began. As a grade school student he committed to many things that the normal high school student wouldn’t. Instead of the recreation center after school, he would spend countless hours in the library reading Harpers Bazaar or The New York Times fashion section. He has breathed fashion for as far as he can remember.

Upon entering college he was able to indulge in his passion even more. Becoming Freshman class president at Clark Atlanta University allowed him to start Clark Atlanta University as well the Atlanta University Center's first Fashion Organization PROJECT X. With that brought about many blessings such as the first ever sold out fashion show in Clark Atlanta's history. He has now also conquered several other shows throughout Clark Atlanta, Morehouse College, and Spelman College.

His writing skills are also a vital asset to his career being that fashion editorial is something he desires to embark upon. iCON, born Casey Billingsley has since learned that learning is an on going process that wont cease until his dying day. Being cordial, patient, and God fearing has allowed iCON to be a light in many people’s lives, which makes him happier everyday. He lives by the quote ""You are not the car you drive, the clothes you wear, or the perks you acquire in your line of work, Human kindness is what matters- the luxury of taking the time to say a kind word or to perform a kind deed. That is the only thing that can truly make one's day an enrichment."". -Andre Leon Talley (his inspiration).