The Musical : [PROTON]

I was first introduced to Proton through myspace; I've always looked for new artist to feature on my myspace page. I randomly found them & was blown away! I was thinking, who are these guys giving us these sick beats and lyrics? My first thought, I had to get an interview with them. As time prevailed, I was then granted access into the lives of these spectacular lyricists. [PROTON] is the future and I love what these guys are bringing to the music world!!

What separates you from other artists today?
A sense of resposibility, and character. Some people ARE characters. We actually HAVE character.

Who would you sign with tomorrow?
Labels are like sports franchises, so... either we'd want to be with a team who just won the championship like an Interscope or a Def Jam, or a losing team who would pay us a shitload of money to improve their record.

What is the process of writing for you, what are you most inspired by?
We're often inspired by music we think is horrible. Whether it's the nature of the content, or lack of originality, it makes you feel responsible for providing people with something else, to put their mind's at ease. Of course, at times, the inspiration may be completely random.

Can you tell me more about the messages embedded in your songs?
Sure! For instance, in theory, the song Jheri Khurl has nothing to do with a hairstyle at all. It's about being confident to the point that you don't care what other people think. What's Up Now isn't about'the war'. It addresses the fact that a young person can sign up for duty, serve, and then return home to find the same problems going on at home.

What is your favorite song on the album, why?
Probably "Good Guys". It's a timeless record for all that everyone responds to immediately. That's always a good thing.

What is the story behind your album?
Tentatively titled "State Of The Art", it has a double meaning. Rap music is in a strange place right now, and it seems like no one has the balls to truly do something new and cutting edge. At the sametime, it tells a tale influenced by the torture of relationships and the pathetic nature of loneliness.

What is it about "performing" that satisfies you?
It's the brutal honesty of whether you've "got it" or not.Selling CDs in itself means nothing without the performance aspect.It's possibly the most honest exchange an artist can have with his/heraudience. It's a direct give and take.

Who would you like to work with?
It would be great to work with some of the big names that are out there now, but not just because we paid them the market price. It's a great feeling when people get what you do, and want to work with you based on pure artistry. Additionally, we'd love to work with Rick Rubin, Tricky, Portishead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and more.

What artist and or/ genre of music influenced you growing up?
Pharcyde, Hieroglyphics (Del, Souls of Mischief), OutKast, Kilo, A Tribe Called Quest, Black Sheep, Common Sense, DJ Magic Mike, DJ Smurf and Edward Jay.

What projects are you currently working on?
The album "State Of The Art", the mixtape "Girls & Ghetto Shit" which will be released during the September installment of "Broke & BouJee"(09.28.07), and the "Good Guys" video.

How do you want to be remembered in the music industry?

As a couple of rich assholes, because there's a lot of people going broke.

When and where can your music be purchased?

Our old album is available on itunes, our old mixtape is available on
cdbaby.com, the new mixtape will be available at the September edition
of "Broke & BouJee" which will be held in Atlanta on Sept. 28th at
"The Royal".