Carta: I C IT

We all know the rule-It's important to look someone in their eyes when you are talking to them, but what if I C IT? It's really important to know that under eye bags, darkness or wrinkles will come at any age. PREVENT IT!! I've seen so many guys my age wash their face with bar soap and then rub body lotion on their face-I wanted to die. No-no, all wrong. The hottest accessory in fashion is your face, and it should be kept tight. Im not really into bargin shopping when it comes to my mug (( face )) but the products that I do use is Kanebo & Clarins.

I remember my mother giving me my first tube of Clarins Contour Balm because I was getting under eye lines at 18. But now everything is just wonderful lol. You should know that it takes a few months for creams to work, and there is alot of expensive creams out there but Clarins it pretty affordable. ((47.00)) I would hate for someone to walk around looking as if they just got up, not a good look. Also, if you have a specific issue, go to those comestic counters at Neimans and Saks, they are there to help you!!

Remember it would be foolish to spend hundreds of dollars on garments and shoes when that $hit will wear and tear, invest in your face cause it will never go outta style. Unless you.....but thanks to these creams, we can live to be 100 and only look 20!!