Hall Closet : Call Your Best Girl

Ask him to buy them, and call her (( your best sales girl )) to send them. Ladies, these bags from Fendi are pretty hot. And I know all year long you're trying to find ways for your man to show that he loves you. Well, first tell him you want a Birkin, then when he see's the price, make it seem as if you're doing him a favor by downgrading to a Fendi (( it's all in the pocket book)). If it works, throw in a pocket book for yo boy!!

side note: ladies, or gents, when buying a bag try to stay away from the seasonal bags (( which means they will be out of season in a few months )). It wouldn't make sense to spend 1,900 on a bag that has a time limit. Now this rule just applies to the FASHION JUNKIES who know what's in or out. For example, the Louis Vuitton Mirror Bag, seasonal. That bag was hot last season, but not so much anymore. But if you can afford to buy seasonal bags, then continue to rock ya labels!!