Carta : Grown Woman

Im so glad this whole black girl "blonde" thing is over. Some women just don't look right with blonde hair. Sorry, even the prettiest women can be drowned out with these bright locks. Coffee is good with cream, but better when it's black. And one thing I can't stand is a colored contact. Something about a grown woman or man with a colored conact just don't make sense. Now if you have a natural light colored eye then pump on, but colored contacts, no-no. Stay true to your natural hair and eye color, it just looks alot better. Naomi Campbell looks like a different person with her blonde vs. natural color, like Chanel said, "every woman should take off one accessory before they leave the house" samething goes for when you're beating your mug! Make up and hair should'nt be used for you to create a whole nother person!! Now some people can pull it off, and some can't. Keep it natural in '08.