Cartier Times : Queen Bee

Hate it, or love her, I been fu*kin with KIM since '96 and she has truly changed the game. KIM was spittin about Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel, Moschino, Missoni among plenty of others back in the day. I didn't know about these labels until I heard it on a KIM LP. From "Big Momma Thang" to " Crush On You" KIM has always been into fashion. KIM's look has changed throughout the years, but she always gives you something to talk about. KIM was the first to set alot of trends in addition to wearing and rapping about things people secretly wanted to do. I grew up on KIM and my love for labels is accredited to her. Im not even gonna front, and neither should you, KIM is the shit, don't hate her, it is what it is.Now some people ain't gonna feel me, but them true fashion peeps who was into the Brooklyn scene in '96 know exactly what Im talkin about. KIM taught you about labels and how to do nasty things in the bedroom. Now the muse of Marc Jacobs, KIM ain't goin nowhere, my first time meeting her was in Febuary of this year and I told her everything I've just said, when she saw me, she said "HEEYYY BABBIII" yes KIM I love you!!