1-of a-Kind: A.L.I.E.N

A.L.I.E.N-A Legion In Every Nation, founded more than two years ago by a group of the freshest and innovative kids in NYC. I'm in love with every piece from this collection and the guys behind the work. The New York crew has created a movement with their brand that motivates the youth to believe and trust in individuality. LB readers get into A.L.I.E.N NYC...

exclusive interview after the jump.

What is the name of your line and where did it originate from?
A Legion In Every Nation or A.L.I.E.N. started as a street collective. We were a crew that enjoyed life and pursued various creative endeavors, whether dancing, designing or styling we bonded over our shared passion for all things artistic. The name itself derived from not only our fascination with the extraterrestrial beings, but the unique look and outlook we portrayed. At the time we appeared to be outcasts because of our appearance; we were not dressing like most of our peers nor did we care to.

What made you want to design a fashion line?
I can't say that I've always been aspired to be a designer, nor am I calling myself one. I am an artist before anything. From high school to college I was constantly day dreaming in class while sketching and drawing. I'd draw cartoon strips to add to my own personal collection or I would draw on my t-shirts and would rock it out. Eventually I got my first internship as an assistant stylist and while working there, the stylist was impressed with one of my t-shirt designs and showed love by putting it in a magazine issue. After that I got my first job designing for a company in Manhattan then eventually did my own thing.

What are your signature designs?
We do not have any signature designs per se, but because we are designing based on our personal experiences and inspirations, I suppose one could say that every design is a signature design. However, we are probably best known for our limited custom pieces.

How would you describe your work ethic?
Very laid back. It may be a bad thing but I tend to leave a lot of things to the last minute. I don't really like pre-planning things. I like to address them as they come especially when it comes to artwork/designing. When I'm under pressure to meet a deadline, I've found that I'm more likely to do something really creative because my career is on the line! Instead of me drawing something a week prior to submission and not really caring for it, I tend to appreciate pieces done spontaneously. Needless to say, I get bored with my artwork VERY easily.

What’s your ultimate goal?
Inspiring those that need motivation, guidance, and leadership-the youth. I see so much unrecognized talent, the true talent of those who don't get recognized because of their financial situations. At A.L.I.E.N our goal is to let those who may be discouraged by their personal situations know that if we could achieve the things we've achieved with virtually no money, but with pure mind power, dedication, and ambition then anyone can. Today's society doesn't motivate the less fortunate to want to do better with their lives; we are constantly distracted with so much garbage and materialism that we inevitably fall off track- most don't even get a chance to hop on it!

What’s your favorite piece from any of your collections?
I'd have to say our hoodies, especially the King Tut Inspired one. (( Which is now available from their online store in black and red. Click HERE to purchase.))

What inspires you?
Everything, life in general. That's why it is hard for me to understand how people can blatantly copy others' designs. In my opinion, there are countless inspirations all around us that can give way to innovative creations.

Can fashion still have a political ambition?
I think so. I wouldn't say A.L.I.E.N is too politically driven but the name of our brand alone brings up a controversial matter. The topic of extraterrestrials has been debated upon for many years through many presidential terms leading to no definite conclusions. Overall, I feel that whatever captivates one's interests whether political or not, will ultimately make its way over to their creations. Here at A.L.I.E.N we are beginning to tap into our potentials and listen to our individual voices in order to truly understand who we are; and with that understanding comes power, and with power comes the ability to positively mold one's society.

What’s your philosophy?
As basic as this may seem, my philosophy is that there are no limits in this world and I believe that everything and anything is possible with the right building tools. With a positive and loving mind frame we have the ability to accomplish our deepest desires and seemingly unattainable goals.

What is the most important lesson that you’ve learned?
It's worth it way more when you're struggling to meet an end. This has been one of the toughest experiences for me but I wouldn't change any of it. I don't really look at any situation as a bad one; I take each and every situation in stride and as a life lesson.

As a designer, who do you wear and what’s in your closet?
I don't wear any brands but my own and as I get older, I find myself getting a bit more drawn to my roots, so this translates not only in what I choose to wear but dictates what future designs we have in store.

What can the public expect from your line in the future?

Don't want to say too much but I guess a more expressive and artistic viewpoint.

When and where can the public purchase pieces from your collection?
Some will be available on our website TheGalaxyriders while others will be available at select boutiques world wide.