HAT If You Hear Me!

...Hats have always been a tradition.... especially to me because I was raised in the South and my grandmother never tipped out without a sick-o-ning hat! But some girls don't ever need to try and make that "hat" thing work.... it falls right through! Here's a tribute to all the LATE Queens that have had they're hand in the hat rack and got CUT! Get into Sgt. Saggy who tipped out to what looks like a church picnic with her tinted "COOGI" frames...LMAO.
Serena Williams is giving them "gangsta glam" with black hat embossed with a hint of gray and white, and feathers up top. She has it cocked to the side so she can show you her "COOL"....
...One of my favorite starlets forgot where she was going when she slipped into this printed mess. I mean I don't get it like who would wear these out on a regular basis?! I understand church, but these functions that they TIP out to don't call for all these busy table toppers they be rocking! Like Ashlee Simpson said... GET OUTTA MY HEAD!

((....all my ladies who's independent, throw your HATS up at me!))

iCON :)