Boy Scout Of America- The Challenge

I'll start off by stating that No I am not an advocate or a strong community service volunteer, but what I do know is that it's really important to give back. This season I will be devoting my time to a few places in the Atlanta area providing a helping hand. There are so many people who live without-needs you and I may take for granted. Although this is a "fashion blog" I challenge you to lend your "fashion hands" to an organization in your surrounding area.

Here are a few of the places that I plan on helping out: St.Francis Table, Sheltering Arms Child Development, St.Vincent de Paul Society and Poverty Rights Office. Im highly dedicated to this mission and Im asking for the ones that do volunteer to send me pictures of you helping out and I will post them. Don't you remember the Naomi Campbell spread in W Magazine.Remember to send your name, location and mission of the organization that you volunteered so we could spread the word. I hope that you challenge yourself to do something good, it's more to life then this "stuff". Give back.

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