Get-In: It's ALMOST NO Room!

....Our Favorite "Mommy Socialite" is back on the scene and still on her GRIND! Newly mom Richie is venturing out on not one, but two design adventures that I'm quite sure will do well in the fashion game. With neither aspects being named, Nicole was heavily inspired by her pregnancy to start her own maternity line and she also plans to start a costume jewelery line! The 50-piece jewelry collection is on schedule to be released this Fall, and will be carried in stores like Fred Segal and Kitson in Los Angeles. Hearing of this didn't surprise me at all considering that ALL entertainers are dipping into the FASHION game as a whole! Also... Nicole is super-dope with it, so I know her merch will be on point! Get em baby!

((.....RICHIE getting RICHER!))

iCON :)