LB Watch: Girls ALOUD!

..... I LOVE great friends! Don't you? Anywho, my homie Andre who I talk about all the time recently moved to New York and has been putting me on to sooooo many interesting things and when he sent me this... I WAS IN LOVE! Girls ALOUD is a girl group from overseas that has been rocking the scene with their fashion forward look, and their catchy beats! According to different blogs and their very own site they have become acclaimed, and they are considered to be the next "Spice Girls"! Which is a big pair of shoes to fill! I am so happy that groups like this exist! If only Danity Kane could step out of the box more..... sighs. Get into the music video! They give me model phish down!

Sexy! No No No

((...I really LOVE these GIRLS))

iCON :)