Battle Royale: Iman vs Heidi

...So lately these stiletto starlets have been at each others throats off of any little small thing! So now this time around Iman (old-regal phish), and Heidi Klum (new-school tuna) have been at over, no not a Lanvin shoe, or a Pucci bag... but a T.V. show! Can we get a catfight over a nasty Phillip Treacy headpiece?! Anywho, Iman is the host of Project Runway Canada (who knew) and as we all know Heidi holds it down in the States. But apparently Iman has been feeling her beat because she feels that she is better than Heidi! (scratches head and looks up).... NO SHADE she is. Here's a statement Mova Iman released:

"Definitely Heidi and I come from two different places. I'm not belittling Heidi Klum, but I have been in fashion much more than she has. Not to toot my own horn, but I have been one of the best runway girls. I know clothes, and I know about working hand in hand with designers — I mean, I've worked with Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs, John Galliano. Yves St. Laurent — he created a whole collection for me. Tom Ford, Valentino. Versace. Jean Paul Gaultier. Thierry Mugler … I could go on and on."

She ate that right on up! With a BIG FORK! Iman said she has been one of the "best RUNWAY GIRLS".... YESSSSS MOVA! LMAO. Heidi might not want to come back with a punch, because Miss over-all FACE might snatch her up in a kink!

((...the SHADE stops now))

iCON :)