Laugh Out LOUD: A-Fool-With-It

So I have been inspired by several artist, celebs, rappers or whatever... to start this weekly excerpt dedicated solely to those who are a "fool-with-it!". Here's Miss Collard Green Circuit stomping thru LAX with some grey tights, a silver flat thats screaming "help me!", and a bulky hoodie that she hid some tootsie rolls in! (get into that right pocket!)
....sighs. Ok. Now. Ummm. Where do I start? Mariah, baby... where is the thought?! Do you even put any into perspective anymore? The pink tube dress + snake-skinned belt + it's in the waist + the "Carlton Banks" inspired sweater wrap + that BIG cheap "opened-toed" platform X Da Brat in the back = Spanish girl from Queens that LOVES BOX! (Please "youtube" her GMA performance!)
...ALL WRONG. Hair included.. AND then she is at the GLAAD Awards, that's a READ. Sorry Janet, you got the wrinkles out your face, don't leave them in your pants!

((...get all the way IN... TO THAT!))

iCON :)