Cartier Times: Chilli Covers Car Magazine

Singer Chilli is making her way back on the scene with her new single, "Dumb,Dumb,Dumb", although the song is "ok", the single cover lacks any substance or originality; step ins, jeans and a wife beater with a side swoop ( what is this 2002 ). This cover looks like something that should be in a car magazine, I never know why some artist just throw things together, do they not have a marketing and image team. Who approved this? What baffles me is that Chilli has been in the game way to long to come out with a song that should've been given to a new artist, the content is childish and weak. Too old for that.

try again- I rather you come out with a weak song than some step ins.

Click Here To Download Dumb, Dumb, Dumb

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