Project X presents: Fashion File

As the crowd of over 700 people packed into the lofty Puritan Mills warehouse the tension grew higher and higher as Project X prepared for their "FINALE" show. The chairs that coated the "lime-green" floor runway was filled with star-studded celebs (in their own right), and the aura was unbelievable as the lights dimmed.... The FASHION FILE was unleashed....

((the STORY of my LIFE..))



"You've Got Mail"



"Hard Drive"


To everyone that made this day possible I want to thank you for all of the hard work and diligence. It has definitely been a journey well traveled and I couldn't have walked it with more positive, and creative people! I praises go above to GOD for making me who I am and for blessing me with such beautiful people in my LIFE!
...and last and NEVER will be least, MY Lauren Paige Carothers! You mean the WORLD to me and I want you to know that! You have been there threw it all and I can't thank you enough. For someone to know me better than I know myself is a blessing and you are one that is irreplaceable... This is definitely the beginning of that "life" that we have been talking about since sitting on the yard as freshmen! GOD has brought us this far and now it's up to us to keep running, and I now with you on my side... I'll have the "physical" boost from you to keep me going. I LOVE YOU.